Just In Case

Just In Case You Missed It – January 7-13, 2018

  1. Announcing Ask Ligonier: A Place for Answers” by Nathan W. Bingham (Ligonier). Resourceful idea from a sound ministry.
  2. Deciphering the Covers of Christian Books” by Tim Challies. What is the meaning of terms like “and” or “with” on the covers of books? This article is a helpful explanation.
  3. How to Discourage Your Minister in the New Year” by Paul Levy (Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals). If someone asked me to answer the question, “What discourages you the most?”, the first 5 things this blogger mentions would be my list.
  4. Six Ways Ministry Spouses Get Hurt” by Thom S. Rainer (Lifeway).
  5. What Do We Do with Dreams?” by Erik Raymond (The Gospel Coalition). A wise and balanced answer to an often-asked question.


Just In Case You Missed It – December 19-30, 2017

  1. 34 Things You Need to Know About the Incoming Tax Law” by Julia Horowitz” (CNN Money).
  2. 4 Reasons Every Church Need Senior Saints” by Tim Counts (9Marks).
  3. The First Sunday without R.C. Sproul” by Jordan Standridge (Cripplegate). What a touching day this seemed to be.
  4. Looking for a Few FAT Men” by Tim Challies. Always a good reminder of the kind of men and women you should seek to invest in.
  5. O Holy Night” by Clint Archer (The Cripplegate). The story behind my favorite Christmas carol.

Just In Case You Missed It – December 11-16, 2017

  1. 5 Most Ridiculous Books to Ever Become Christian Bestsellers” by Tim Challies. If you are a fan of Jesus Calling, The Prayer of Jabez, 90 Minutes in Heaven, Your Best Life Now, or The Circle Maker, this article will point out their glaring errors.
  2. A La Carte (The All-RC Sproul Edition)” by Tim Challies. This is a collection of articles and tributes written by many respected leaders in evangelicalism upon hearing the news of Sproul’s death.
  3. God Loves Ministry No One Else Sees” by Stacy Reaoch (Desiring God). A lot of this going on at my home church – Wichita Bible Church.
  4. Let Your Pastors Wife Be Herself” by Melissa Edgington (Your Mom Has a Blog). Every attendee of a church should read this article.
  5. Life and Apologetics with R.C. Sproul” by Mark Dever (9Mark). Save about an hour to listen to this interview conducted by Dever. You will learn a lot about Sproul’s journey of salvation and why he has given so much of his life to apologetics.
  6. My Top 10 Theology Stories of 2017” by Collin Hansen (The Gospel Coalition). If you’re looking for a good summary of the year’s important religious stories, read this.
  7. A Tribute to My Friend” by John MacArthur (The Master’s Seminary) They are dear friends that disagreed on secondary issues but agreed on more far more important issues. This is the most moving tribute so far of R.C. Sproul. I sure hope MacArthur preaches at Sproul’s funeral.
  8. Why Seminary? Exhibit C: John MacArthur” by Clint Archer (Cripplegate). Part 1 (on Joel Osteen) and Part (on Charles Spurgeon) are available to read.

Just In Case You Missed It – December 3-9, 2017

  1. 8 Signs Your Christianity Is Too Comfortable” by Brett McCrackren (The Gospel Coalition). This is a current burden I have for the church “at large.”
  2. How Acts 29 Survived – and Thrived – After the Collapse of Marls Hill” by Sarah Eekhof Zylstra (The Gospel Coalition).
  3. On Being a Life Long Learner” by Nicholas T. Batzig (Feeding on Christ). This article represents why I love to read and want to read even more.
  4. Why Seminary? Exhibit B: Charles Spurgeon” by Clint Archer (The Cripplegate). This is part 2 of a series started last week when “Exhibit A” was Joel Osteen.

Just In Case You Missed It – November 26-December 2, 2017

  1. The Blessings of a Long Pastorate” by John Crotts (Practical Shepherding). Hoping and praying this will be my testimony at Wichita Bible Church one day.
  2. Sunday School and Small Group: Friends Who Need No Reconciliation” by Allen Duty (The Gospel Coalition). One is for informal discipleship; the other is formal discipleship.
  3. What Student Ministry Really Needs” by Jen Wilkin (Christianity Today). I could not agree more with her answer to the question, “What tools do you recommend for discipling teens?”
  4. Why Seminary? Exhibit A: Joel Osteen” by Clint Archer (The Cripplegate). Does professional training matter? If you consider the lack thereof for Osteen, than YES!

Just In Case You Missed It – November 13-18, 2017

  1. 10 Things You Should Know About Pride and Humility from Jonathan Edwards” by Sam Storms. I enjoy these “10 Things” posts from this OKC pastor.
  2. Exciting News from The Master’s University” (Cripplegate). This is my alma mater.
  3. Netflix Thinks Your Bored and Lonely” by Trevin Wax (The Gospel Coalition). Why do you subscribe to Netflix? They think its one of these 2 reasons
  4. The Priceless Gift of Christian Unity” by John Piper (Desiring God). One of the more common prayer requests I make for our elders and congregation at WBC is for unity, and Psalm 133 is often on my mind when I pray this.
  5. Two Things That Should Be Obvious” by Kevin DeYoung. Another thoughtful response to the sexual allegations coming out of Hollywood these days.

Just In Case You Missed It – November 6-11, 2017

  1. 7 Ways to Prepare Your Church Against Violence” by Joe Carter.
  2. How to Revive Lifeless Prayer Time” by Carl Hargrove (The Master’s Seminary). Great counsel on a common struggle.
  3. How Your Church Should Prepare for an Active Shooter” by Thom Rainer. I wish articles like this weren’t necessary.
  4. Tragedy in Texas: Christian Testimony in the Face of Evil” by Al Mohler. The always insightful and biblical President of SBTS weighs in on the most recent mass shooting.
  5. Why I Love Readers Bibles” by Trevin Wax (The Gospel Coalition). I concur!