Just In Case

Just In Case You Missed It – May 8-19, 2018

  1. 7 Marks of a Good Apology vs. 8 Marks of a Bad Apology” by Brad Hambrick (Gentle Reformation).
  2. Guidelines for Conversations About Race in the Church” by David Appelt (The Reformed Collective). Some needed counsel for a hotly debated issue in the modern church.
  3. Leaving Our Century for a While: Why I Read Christian Biographies” by John Piper (Desiring God). Another article on why Christians should know their past.
  4. Should I Stay Home from Church When Life Gets Hard?” by Eric Davis (Cripplegate). Beth Moore’s unfortunate tweet that counseling struggling mothers to stay home from church on Mother’s Day is countered graciously and biblically with this article.
  5. When Do You Stop Counseling?” By Deepak Reju (9Marks).


Just In Case You Missed It – May 1-5, 2018

  1. A Response to Andy Stanley on ‘Theological Correctness’ – With Help from Jonathan Edwards” by Owen Strachan (Patheos). Stanley, again, makes unclear statements that could lead to serious misinterpretation of the Scriptures.
  2. Rosario Butterfield: Christian Hospitality Is Radically Different from Southern Hospitality” by Lindsey Carlson (Christianity Today). Looking forward to picking up and reading Butterfied’s newest book.
  3. The Preacher and Politics: Seven Thoughts” by Kevin DeYoung (The Gospel Coalition). A helpful set of instruction for those of us who ask, “Should I say something about that?”
  4. What About Divorce and Abuse?” By Denny Burk. More and more evangelicals are considering the possibility that the desertion clause of I Corinthians 7 could include domestic abuse.

Just In Case You Missed It – April 10-21, 2018

  1. Google Comes to Pryor, OK” by Gene Veith. This was the town of my childhood – approximately 10,000 citizens in NE Oklahoma.
  2. How Many People Go to Your Church?” by Tim Challies. A commonly asked question with much better alternatives.
  3. I Was a Disney Princess, I Had an Abortion, and It Almost Ruined My Life” by Deanna Falchook (The Federalist).
  4. No Small Pastors” by Darryl Dash (Dashhouse). I value bloggers who seek to encourage pastors of small churches, as this one does. There are more of us pastoring churches of less than 150 people than there are of pastors with churches over 150.
  5. Seven Marks of a Workaholic” by David Murray (Head Heart Hand).
  6. Spring Sports and Sunday Church: Five Suggestions for Parents” by Tony Reinke (Desiring God).

Just In Case You Missed It – March 26-April 7, 2018

  1. 18 Thing You Didn’t Know about Augusta National and the Masters” by Joe Passov (Golf.com).
  2. How Albert Mohler Processes the Moral Failures of His Historical Heroes” (The Gospel Coalition).
  3. In My Place Condemned He Stood” by Kevin DeYoung (The Gospel Coalition). An answer to the question of what it means that Jesus’ death on the cross satisfied the Father.
  4. It’s Time to Reckon with Celebrity Power” by Andy Crouch (The Gospel Coalition). This article has got much attention in the last few weeks.
  5. Let Us Never Grow Weary of the Cross” by Kevin DeYoung (The Gospel Coalition). Simple preaching of the Gospel does not have to mean boring preaching.
  6. Let’s Stop Over-Interpreting the Greek Words for Love” by Kenny Burchard (Think Theology). Sometimes we Greek geeks over-think the terms used in the N.T.
  7. We’re More Honest With Our Phones Than With Our Pastors” by Tim Challies.

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Just In Case You Missed It – March 19-24, 2018

  1. Cultivating Praise in Marriage” by Aaron Sironi (CCEF). Great application of passages like Philippians 1:3-4 and 4:8-9.

  2. Good and Bad Goals for Studying New Testament Greek by Mark Ward (Logos Talk). Thinking about offering to teach Greek to a handful of people at my church, and this would be a good place for all of us to start – and anyone else interested in learning.

  3. How Do We Encourage Our Children to See the Church As Valuable?” by Stephen Kneale. Every Christian parents wants his child to love the church, and that starts with how you love the church.

Just In Case You Missed It – February 28-March 3, 2018

  1. The Difficulty of Learning to be a Pastor’s Wife” by Lacey Stevenson (The Gospel Coalition). What an encouraging word from a young pastor’s wife.“
  2. Moody Bible Institute Takes Bold Step to Affirm Biblical Inerrancy” by Julie Roys. Encouraging news from my parents’ alma mater.
  3. The Most Important Time to Go to Church” by David ‘Gunner’ Gundersen (The Gospel Coalition). It’s when you don’t feel like it.
  4. Seven Reasons Prayer Meetings Fail” by Kevin DeYoung (The Gospel Coalition).
  5. When John Stott Confronted Billy Graham” by Trevin Wax (The Gospel Coalition).

Just In Case You Missed It – February 14-17, 2018

A shorter list due to being in bed with the flu most of the week.

  1. How to Honor Your Parents as a Young Adult” by Laura McGee (Bridgehaven Counseling). Helpful answers to a question I get asked often.
  2. How to Listen to an Expository Sermon” by Reagan Rose (The Master’s Seminary).
  3. Six Reasons Reformed Christians Should Embrace Six-Day Creation” by Tim Challies.