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Just In Case You Missed It – May 16-20, 2017

  1. 10 Things You Should Know About the Theology of Martin Luther” by Sam Storms.
  2. “Women Use Porn Too” by Rebekah Hannah (The Gospel Coalition)  It’s not just a “guy problem.”
  3. If I Have Enough Faith, Will God Heal Me?” by Randy Alcorn (Eternal Perspective Ministries). . Every Christian needs to consider the thoughtfulness of the answer to this question.
  4. God’s Google” by Tim Challies. . It used to be the local church, and should be again.
  5. Why Don’t Muslims Sing Like Christians?” by John Piper (Desiring God).

Just In Case You Missed It – May 8-13, 2017

  1. Why 144,000 Means 144,000” by Clint Archer (Cripplegate).  DeYoung is de-bunked by a fellow TMS alum. Good stuff!
  2. Engraver of the Reformation” by Stephen Nichols (5 Minutes in Church History).  I had forgotten all about Albrecht Durer.
  3. The Internet Is Not a Library” by Kevin DeYoung (The Gospel Coalition).  An ode to books!


Just In Case You Missed it – April 24-May 6, 2017

  1. Beware of Broken Wolves” by Joe Carter (The Gospel Coalition). Some of the biggest churches in America have pastors what fit this description.
  2. What Can Church History Teach Us About Wolves” by Kevin DeYoung (The Gospel Coalition). A follow up to the article listed above.
  3. God Still uses Ordinary Means and Ordinary Men” by Erik Raymond (The Gospel Coalition). This truth continues to be one of the greatest sources of encouragement for me as a young man in full-time ministry.
  4. Creating a Culture of Hospitality” by Bryan Elliff (For the Church).  Some very practical helps on a disciple-making-kind-of-subject.
  5. The Worst Consequence of Skipping Church” by Tim Challies. Every person who is tempted to skip a Sunday service needs to read this article.
  6. The Movie Date That Solidified J.R.R. Tolkien’s Dislike of Walt Disney” by Eric Grundhauser (Atlas Obscuara).They were not fans of Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs it would seem.
  7. Mary and Her Little Lamb” (Amusing Planet). Hear the true story behind the inspired poem.
  8. The 200th Episode” by Stephen Nichols (5 Minutes in Church History). This has become one of my favorite podcasts and a great resource for anyone looking to expand their awareness of church history.
  9. What I’ve Learned About Pastoral Ministry” by Kevin DeYoung. Thank you for these insightful lessons and wisdom.

Just In Case You Missed It – April 11-22, 2017

  1. The Beauty of Spiritual Struggle” by Trevin Wax (The Gospel Coalition).  The best things take hard work and time, as this author says about sanctification.
  2. 10 Ugly Numbers Describing Pornography Use in 2017” by Tim Challies.
  3. The Greek Orthodox ‘Answer Man’” by Nick Batzig (Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals).  A surprising defection from orthodox Christianity. Sad!
  4. Ten Questions for Pastors and Polemics” by Kevin DeYoung (The Gospel Coalition).
  5. Giving People a Chance to Grow” by Jordan Standridge (Cripplegate).  Spiritual growth happens at different rates for different people. When we minister to others, we must be patient.
  6. What We Gained When We Lost the Hymnal” by Tim Challies.

Just In Case You Missed It – April 1-8, 2017

  1. Without Luther, There Would Be No Bach” by Bethany Jenkins (The Gospel Coalition). I love reading stories in church history, like this one.
  2. I Went to Amazon’s Physical Bookstore and …” by Randall Payleitner. I had no idea there was even one of these, and now I want to go.
  3. God Will Give You More Than You Can Handle” by Mitch Chase (The Gospel Coalition).  A good collection of thoughts challenging an all-too-often Christian cliché.
  4. Why Our Churches Need More Gray Hair” by Denny Burk.  Amen, amen, amen!


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