Our names are Charles and Andrea Heck. We were married on January 5, 2001 (just a few days after OU won it’s 7th National Championship). We reside in Wichita, KS with our three children: Jackson, Josiah and Ethan.

Charles is a Teaching Pastor at Wichita Bible Church and has been serving in that position since January 2014.

Andrea is a full-time mom, but on the side she is a free-lance editor and much accomplished baker.

P.S. I collect Pez dispensers and am always looking to add to my collection. If you want to know what I already own, check out the list pez-collection.  (updated 12.26.16)

P.S.S. I also read a lot. If you want to buy me books, I have a “mostwantedbooklist” (updated 12.26.16) has been posted … especially for those of you who want to buy me books for Christmas or my BD (1.25) or just because you want me to continue to evolve into a book nerd.



  1. Charles,
    I just read your Shepard’s Conference review & I’m tickled pInk that the level of enthusiasm.
    Since my father has already signed the three of us up; (my Dad, I , Seth) & you might be able to travel together for next year, how about that?

    Glad your back,


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