My Top 42 Arminian Theologians/Preachers

This “Top 42” (actually it’s 41 now – Had a typo discovered on 4.30.20 by one of my blog readers) list comes from my friend Mark, who is one of the most encouraging people I have been privileged to know. He and his wife are some of our favorite people to vacation with. If you know this particular Mark, you would not be surprised to hear him request for a list of my “Top 42 favorite preachers/theologians that lean Arminian.” Regardless of where I stand in this never-ending debate between Calvinists and Arminians, there are many reasons I give thanks for theologians on both sides. Making this list was a piece of cake. And they are in no particular order.

(FOOTNOTE: I realize I could be wrong on the leanings of some of these men. Your corrections are welcome.)

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1.      Charles Wesley

2.      John Wesley

4.      Billy Sunday

5.      Chuck Smith

6.      A.W. Tozer

7.      Andrew Murray

8.      R.A. Torrey

9.      Billy Graham

10.  D.L. Moody

11.  Oswald Chambers

12.  C.S. Lewis

13.  Thomas Oden

14.  Alexander Maclaren

15.  G. Campbell Morgan

16.  F.B. Meyer

17.  Paige Patterson

18.  J. Vernon McGee

19.  Howard Hendricks

20.  Jacobus Arminius

21.  Keith Green (the only musician that made the list)

22.  Roger Olson

23.  Ben Witherington III

24.  Craig Keener

25.  Ravi Zacharias

26.  Joel B. Green

27.  I. Howard Marshall

28.  C.K. Barrett

29.  Gordon Fee

30.  Philip Towner

31.  E.M. Bounds

32.  James Dobson

33.  Dave Hunt

34.  William Lane Craig

35.  Ray Comfort

36.  Clark Pinnock

37.  Thomas Aquinas

38.  Charles Ryrie

39.  Lewis Sperry Chafer

40.  Adam Clarke

41.  Hugo Grotius

42.  John Goodwin

17 thoughts on “My Top 42 Arminian Theologians/Preachers

  1. Billy Graham…it’s hard to know what Gospel message he believed in based on 1997 interview with Robert Schuller

    Ravi Zacharias….It is true that his books and sermons were more philosophical, often void of scripture, which may have been the give-a-way. Is Ravi in Hell now?


    • Regarding Billy Graham, I hear ya. In his later years, and in his later writings (e.g., “Nearing Home”), the Gospel message he preached was much more clear. And regarding Ravi, who knows? I posted this blog years before we came to know the real Ravi.


  2. I’ve never considered myself as Arminian or Calvinist. Many of the men on this list are revered however. I own many of the writings of some of them, and find them to be of sound doctrine in the scriptures; to which is the real proof of what the Lord is saying to us. We rest in His Word, after which we have wrested in it and found peace. The Truth is Jesus, we received the love of the truth (2 Thessalonians:10-12) that we might be saved.


  3. I think you need to reevaluate AW Tozer as being Armenian as the following quote seems to contradict this.

    A. W. Tozer

    Our Lord Jesus Christ called men to follow Him, but He plainly taught that “no man can come unto me, except it were given him of my Father” (John 6:65). It is not surprising that many of His early followers, upon hearing these words, went back and walked no more with Him. Such teaching cannot but be deeply disturbing to the natural mind. It takes from sinful men much of the power of self-determination. It cuts the ground out from under their self-help and throws them back upon the sovereign good pleasure of God-and that is precisely where they do not want to be! These statements by our Lord run contrary to the current assumptions of popular Christianity. Men are willing to be saved by grace, but to preserve their self-esteem, they must hold that the desire to be saved originated with them. Most Christians today seem afraid to talk about these plain words of Jesus concerning the sovereign operation of God-so they use the simple trick of ignoring them!


    • Just because someone sees God as sovereign over salvation doesn’t mean they are Calvinist. I have never read anything that has shown me that He is reformed in his theology. He certainly is not as clear as I would like on the issue. Read “On Breeding Spotted Mice” and tell me what you think.


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