Just In Case You Missed It – October 31-November 12, 2016

  1. If you haven’t heard TNT sports broadcaster Ernie Johnson give a 2-minute perspective on the election, you need to now.
  2. The Media Stable: Time for a Clear Out” by David Murray (HeadHeartHand). We change our politicians up every so often. Why can’t we change up our media?
  3. 6 Reasons Congregational Singing is Waning” by Thom Rainer (9Marks).
  4. Americans Go to the Polls in the Strangest Place” by Sarah Gilbert (The Guardian).
  5. Put Not Your Trust in Presidents” by Tim Challies.
  6. A Few Brief Thoughts on the Hatmaker Hermeneutic” by Kevin DeYoung (The Gospel Coalition). DeYoung weighs in on the controversy surrounding Jen Hatmaker’s allowance for same-sex marriage.
  7. Rosaria Butterfield Rsponds to Jen Hatmaker’s Blessing of LGBT Sexual Relationships as ‘Holy’” by Justin Taylor (The Gospel Coalition). Hatmaker says same-sex marriages are holy. Butterfield says … well … read for yourself.


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