Murray G. Brett, on Doing the Will of God

The Sunday feature of the Worldly Saints blog is all about quotes. No commentary from me, no reflection, etc. Just a provocative or informative quote from a saint in church history.

growing-up-in-grace“If we had gone to Joseph’s carpenter’s shop in Nazareth and asked the young man working for His father what He was doing as He fashioned some piece of furniture, He would reply, “The will of God.” If we had met Him in Galilee some years later and seen Him giving sight to the blind and cleansing to the leper, and heard one of His sermons and asked Him what he was doing, “The will of God,” He would have replied. If at the end of His life we had ascended Golgotha and approached Him in His agony on the cross and had asked, “Son of God, what are you doing?” He might again have answered, “The will of God.” The will of God was the only thing that He ever did, and it is the only thing we must do.”




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