Just In Case You Missed It – July 9-22, 2017

I have been on a trip to CA the last 2 weeks and didn’t read the normal amount of blogs, but here are a few blog posts that I enjoyed. Hope you enjoy them too.

  1. 5 Reasons Sermons Fail” by Jason K. Allen (For the Church). I am completely aware of each of these 5 reasons in my experience. Thankful that God uses our failures!
  2. 11 Reasons Spurgeon Was Depressed” by Christian George (The Spurgeon Center). Spurgeon is everyone’s favorite reference in church history for depression. Now, you can not only refer to him but explain what led to his bouts with depression. The best part of the article is the writer’s conclusion about how Spurgeon’s depression helped his ministry.
  3. 12 Principles on How to Disagree with Other Christians” by Andrew Naselli (9 Marks). Not that I want to encourage disagreements between Christians, but this article would be worth giving every new member of your church as a resource for protection from disunity.
  4. Marriage Is Not About You; Divorce Is All About You” by J.D. Greear. The only thing I would add to this article is how couples that divorce not only fall out of repentance, but also forgiveness.
  5. Why Read a Book On Sin?” By David Murray (Head Heart and Hand). After you read this article, I would encourage you to start with J.C. Ryle’s Holiness or Kris Lundgaard’s The Enemy Within.

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