Just In Case You Missed It – December 14-19, 2015

  1. Advancing the Cause of Elder Retreats” by Clint Archer (Cripplegate) – I am incredibly thankful our elders at Wichita Bible Church are committed to elder retreats, and this blog explains a few benefits of such gatherings.
  2. Spurgeon on Christmas” (BH Academic Blog) – There is much confusion about the views of Christmas by Charles Spurgeon. He did love Christmas, as long as it is completely Christ-focused.
  3. Thinking Theologically About Islam” by Kevin DeYoung – An examination of 3 truths (one positive and one negative from each): identity, faith, welcoming.
  4. You Don’t Need a Date Night” by Tim Challies – While date nights with your spouse are valuable, they aren’t NEEDED. Our relationships with our spouses are formed through so much more than date nights, Challies explains.
  5. Jimmy Fallon, The Roots & ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Cast Sing ‘Star Wars’ Medley (A Cappella).
  6. History Makers: The New Perspective on Paul” by Guy Waters (5 Minutes in Church History) – This 5-minute audio clip will give you the most basic of explanations of the modern debate about whether we have misunderstood Paul’s teaching on the Gospel.
  7. The Gospel According to Christmas Carols” by Nathan Busenitz (Preachers and Preaching) – Ever stop and consider how many Christmas carols contain Gospel themes? This blogger did.
  8. 7 Ways to Become a Better Sermon Listener” by Christopher Ash (The Gospel Coalition)










































































































































































































































































































































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