How Can I Keep From Singing?

Let all those who seek You rejoice and be glad in You; and let those who love your salvation say continually, ‘Let God be magnified!’.(Psalm 70:4)

We are not alone in trials. Our sufferings are not unique; our pains are not abnormal; they are shared by others. We are never alone and never meant to be alone (Romans 12:15).

James M. Boice reminds us in his commentary on Psalm 70, “It is good to be reminded that there are other righteous people, those who were trying to follow after God and do the right thing, just as we are. We often forget this. … It is important to remember that there are other people who are trying to do exactly what we are trying to do. … If you are sick, you should be able to pray for those who are sick, even better than those who are well. If you are being abused by your coworkers or family, you should be able to pray for Christians who are likewise being abused and insulted. If you are in the dead-end job or see no future in what you are doing, you should be able to pray for other believers in the same situation. Let your trials teach you how to pray for other Christians.”

David wants all those who can essentially relate to his difficulties to join him in worshipping God. He wants a choir, not a solo. David can’t keep from singing these praises.

When we are enraptured by the works of God and His mercy, how can we keep from singing? Answer: we can’t keep from singing. There will never come a day or moment when there is nothing else to praise God for and cease from thanking Him about. The psalmist understood this and says the “continual” praise of the saints should be “Let God be magnified.” The psalmist wants his readers to magnify God. Let His greatness be as big as we can conceive and perceive it.

In 1715 King Louis XIV of France died after a reign of 72 years. He had called himself “the Great,” and was the monarch who made the famous statement, “I am the state!” His court was the most magnificent in Europe, and his funeral was equally spectacular. As his body lay in state in a golden coffin, orders were given that the cathedral should be very dimly lit with only a special candle set above his coffin, to dramatize his greatness. At the memorial, thousands waited in hushed silence. Then Bishop Massilon began to speak; slowly reaching down, he snuffed out the candle and said, “Only God is great.”

How can we not sing about that?

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