Bless How Others Want to Be Blessed

“Whoever blesses his neighbor with a loud voice, rising early in the morning, will be counted as cursing.(Prov 27:14)

With a good sense of humor, my wife will reference this verse to me in the morning when I am all “fired up” for the day and she is still trying to get coffee in her system. And when she references the verse, I get it.

A loud, boisterous voice is annoying any time of day, but especially in the morning to those who are waking up and need the quiet. People are not ready to receive a loud voice when they are still trying to wake up. Even if the loud voice is coming from a place of humor, it is – as Solomon said – more like a curse than a blessing.

But this verse is not just about loud voices. It is a figure of speech about people who intend to be helpful but don’t think about the delivery or medium by which they seek to be helpful.

This verse is a reminder that if we want to bless people, we should do it the way God instructs and not the way we think we should. This is a reason that Paul tells us to think not about ourselves but the interests of other (Phil 2:3-4). Other’s interests should determine how we bless them.

Thus, if your spouse is not a morning person, and they are drinking their coffee, let them. Be quiet; be solemn. Let them guide the conversation.

When wanting to bless someone, consider how they would like to be blessed and do that.

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