Just In Case You Missed It: March 7-14, 2020

5 Things Your Pastor’s Spouse Can’t Say Out Loud – But Needs You to Know” by Joy Allmond (Facts and Trends). I can only relate to one of these, but I know many pastors who might relate to all 5.

Does the Book of Acts Teach Spontaneous Baptisms?” by Caleb Morell (9Marks). Some pushback from an SBC organization against a growing trend in the SBC.

Gripping Fear (and the Corona Virus)” by Lisa LaGeorge. Christians should be prudent but not fearful.

A Guide for Christian Leaders in the Time of Coronavirus” by Justin Taylor (The Gospel Coalition). Everyone has something to say about COVID-19, but this is, by far, the most helpful resource I have come across.

How to Disciple Long-Distance Grandchildren” by Barbara Reaoach (Revive Our Hearts). Some good counsel for the intentional grandparent.

How Does a Christian Respond to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?” by Kevin Carson. Helpful conclusions on the difference between godly concern and sinful worry.

intersectionality and the Church” by Rosaria Butterfield (Table Talk). Here is one author’s explanation for why intersectionality does not help the Gospel.

The Most Important Instrument on Sunday Morning” by Bob Kauflin (Desiring God). I love his counsel regarding turning the lights up in the auditorium.

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