Just In Case You Missed It: September 1-14, 2019

  1. The 25 Most Influential People on the Internet” (Time). Thankfuilly, not many of these people influence me, but it still interesting to see who is “out there.”
  2. The 8 Beliefs You Should Know About Mormons When They Knock at the Door” by Justin Taylor (The Gospel Coalition). What you should know about the Mormon teaching on apostasy, God, polytheism, man, Jesus, kingdom, sin, atonement, and salvation.”
  3. Is the Rod of Proverbs Literal or Metaphorical?” by Eric Davis (Cripplegate). You don’t see too many articles answering this question.
  4. The Power Over Christian Publishing We’ve Given to Amazon” by Tim Challies. Amazon is out favored online store, but have you thought about potential long-term consequences to Christian publishing?
  5. The Second-Most Important Book for Every Christian” by Garrett Kell (The Gospel Coalition). Even though I don’t agree with the title of this blog and his conclusion, you can overvalue the importance of the “book” he references. We usually undervalue it.
  6. Veggie Tales Reboot, but with the Gospel This Time” by Gene Veith (Cranach). This is an encouraging direction – away from moralism to the Gospel of grace.
  7. Was Jesus Tempted to Commit Murder?” by Andrew Wilson (Think Theology). A clarification the meaning of the phrase “tempted like us in every way” from Hebrew 4:15.
  8. When Worship Lyrics Miss the Mark” (Ask Pastor John). New songs AND old songs can be instructive.

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