A Prayer for My Kids On Their First Day of School

Father in Heaven,

How gracious and how faithful you are!

Even when I think you are being unfair, You are not. Even when I think you are not showing patience to me, You are. You are the same, yesterday, and forever. You never change and I can always count on your merciful protection.

As I think about Your gracious provisions, I grow in confidence to make petitions today.

Lord, today, my children return to school. I do not approach a day like this with anxiety, for You are sovereign. I am not worried, for nothing that happens today will worry You.

God, will you show your mercy to my kids today as they re-enter social circles where a myriad of good and influences make this home?

May my kids respond to the evils of this world with the truths instilled in them at home at our church.

Whether my kids know You as their Lord and Savior, I pray they would represent You in a consistent way.

May their words drip with righteousness when they speak with their teachers and classmates.

May their actions serve and love those around them.

May their minds dwell on how they can excel in their studies and build strong friendships.

May their hearts be continually softened towards being your ambassadors in their spheres of influence.

God, Annie and I love you and we entrust our kids to you daily. May we be faithful parents who teach our kids at home and equip them to engage in the classroom in their respective schools.

Thank you for blessing our lives with our 3 boys. Thank you for giving us the sanctifying privilege of being mom and Dad.

May our kids be better people as a result of this year’s education.

In Your Name, Amen!

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