So You Want to Know What I Want for Christmas?

See the source imageThe Preacher’s Catechism (written by Lewis Allen) came to me freely…literally. A new friend I met last year gave it to me after it had been published. The book is a collection of chapters that begin with a catechism-kind of questions and answers, and as the title suggests, it is meant for preachers.

After reading the book, I came up with an idea for a Christmas present for myself. So, if you are Christmas shopping for me already, here is what you can get me. Put this catechism on a canvas of some kind, frame it, and I will hang it up in my office somewhere. It is that encouraging to my heart.

The catechism is 43 questions and answers, but I have chosen my Top 10 below.

  1. What is God’s chief end in preaching? God’s chief end in preaching is to glorify his name. (Exodus 34:6)
  2. What is preaching? Preaching is declaring God’s truth in Jesus, to the praise of his name. (Ephesians 3:8)
  3. How can we rest in God’s power and purposes? We are confident that God is in charge and at work through the joys and sometimes failures of preaching. (Mark 4:27)
  4. What is the good news for struggling preachers? The gospel is true and always for us, especially on Mondays. (II Corinthians 4:7)
  5. Will we ever stop preaching? Our preaching will die, and so will we. That is good news! (II Timothy 4:8)
  6. Must we preachers obey the law, too? The law is the guide to our holiness, and an unholy preacher is a fraud. (I Timothy 4:12)
  7. How can we treasure preaching, even when we feel like no one else does? The Spirit can achieve whatever he wants through his preached Word. Believe it. (Matthew 28:20)
  8. Do we want God and his kingdom above all else when Sunday comes? God’s glory and his kingdom focus our prayers and our preaching. (Matthew 6:9-10)
  9. What’s the worst sin we might commit in a sermon? We preachers can be the greatest sinners by failing to proclaim God for who he is. So pray. (Matthew 6:12).
  10. Will be pray ourselves into a glad submission to God? Our preaching will never satisfy us. It isn’t meant to. Let’s give our hearts to God. (I Chronicles 29:11)

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