Just In Case You Missed It – June 24-29, 2019

  1. 4 Methods That Won’t Help Your Spouse Overcome Porn” by Jen Ferguson (Covenant Eyes). This company regularly generates resourceful helps on a growing epidemic of lust.
  2. PCA Sides with the Nashville Statement Over Revoice’s Approach” by Kate Shellnutt (Christianity Today). Not everything in the modern evangelical church is going bad
  3. The Secret to Breaking Free From Habitual Sin” by Jon Bloom (Desiring God). It is often a mater of what we believe and don’t believe that forms habits.
  4. This Is Not Your Grandparents’ Church” by Tim Challies. A thoughtful blog post on the need for active, elderly saints in the church.
  5. What the New Testament Teaches about Divorce and Remarriage” by Andy Naselli (Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal). So helpful! File this way; you will use it some day…and another day…and another day.

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