Just In Case You Missed It – July 9-16, 2019

Abuse of Faith” by Robert Downer, Lise Olsen, and John Tedesco (Houston Chronicle). Sad news released this week about the history of sex abuse in the last 20 years in the Southern Baptist Convention. You can also read responses from Dale Johnson, Trillia Newbell, Gene Veith, Tom Ascol, Joe Carter, Trevin Wax, Al Mohler and Russell Moore. I hope to address it next Wednesday on this blog.

Don’t Put Your Hope in Date Night” by Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler (The Gospel Coalition). As a believer in “date night” for spouses, there are good cautions to consider in this article.

John MacArthur Celebrates 50 Years at Grace Church” by Jeff Robinson (The Gospel Coalition). An interview with Johnny-Mac.

Protecting Children in the Church with Rachael Denhollander” (Practical Shepherding). A 2-part interview with the young woman God used to “bring down” Larry Nasser.

A Puritan Primer: The ABC’s of Counseling the Aged” by Donn Northup (Biblical Counseling Coalition). Before psychology was introduced to the world, biblical counseling was the only form of counseling. This article gives a taste of that era of counseling.

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