My Top 42 Favorite Pez

The 1st list was from my friend and college roommate – Eric. Eric has been around for a good portion of the building of my Pez collection, which currently numbers at 498 Pez. I am not sure which Pez would be his favorite, but I do own the first 15 Presidents. Eric is a fan of presidential history – so that bunch might sit at the top of his list of favorite Pez’s from my collection. I was tempted to place these Presidents in my Top 42 List in Eric’s honor, especially because their faces are more lifelike than most Pez. However, I will give you another Top 42, without the Presidents. Here goes – in order – I think.

Image result for pez logo

  1. Charlie Brown (my 1st PEZ and the one that inspired me to begin my collection – received it in 9th grade)
  2. Skeleton (the only PEZ that would be worth money if I kept it in its original packaging)
  3. Original design (no fancy head – kind of looks like a lighter for a cigarette)
  4. Samwise Gamee (from Lord of the Rings)
  5. Gollum (from Lord of the Rings)
  6. Gandalf the White (from Lord of the Rings)
  7. Gandalf the Grey (from Lord of the Rings)
  8. Gimli (from Lord of the Rings)
  9. Frodo Baggins (from Lord of the Rings)
  10. Poomba (from Lion King)
  11. Timon (from Lion King)
  12. Simba (from Lion King)
  13. Gru (from Despicable Me)
  14. Mrs. Claus (Santa’s wife)
  15. Animal (from The Muppets movies)
  16. Thor
  17. Wolverine
  18. E.T.
  19. Chick-Fil-A cow4
  20. Donkey (from Shrek movies)
  21. Data (from Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  22. Capt. Jean Luc Picard (from Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  23. Worf (from Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  24. Scotty (from Star Trek, the original series)
  25. Uhura (from Star Trek, the original series)
  26. Yosemite Sam
  27. Starbucks globe
  28. Jack-in-the-Box
  29. Yoda (from Star Wars movies)
  30. R2-D2 (from Star Wars movies)
  31. Death Star (from Star Wars movies)
  32. Darth Vader (from Star Wars movies)
  33. Chewbacca (from Star Wars movies)
  34. Kylo Ren (from Star Wars movies)
  35. Darth Maul (from Star Wars movies)
  36. Cowardly Lion (from The Wizard of Oz)
  37. Scarecrow (from The Wizard of Oz)
  38. Tin Man (from The Wizard of Oz)
  39. Toto (from The Wizard of Oz)
  40. Earth
  41. Mario (Nintendo character)
  42. Pink Panther

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