Book Review: Gay Girl, Good God

See the source imageBook Review Score – 10 out of 10

Book Title: Gay Girl, Good God by Jackie Hill Perry by Jackie Hill Perry (published by B&H Publishing Group, 2018)

This was my 1st exposure to this author, blogger, and conference speaker. Her testimony is one of being a former celibate lesbianism to now a married heterosexual, but as she rightfully claims, her identity is not of sexual orientation. In other words, she would identify herself as a “gay Christian” which has a plethora of exegetical problems (II Corinthians 5:17). Her identity is in Christ alone.

Her writing style is poetic and transparent. It is joy to read books that are like going to an art museum. She excels in painting pictures of the issue in warm and accessible ways.

This “page turner” is a book that tells her life story, with each chapter covering different years of her life. The Gospel is on display in every chapter. She is a living, breathing testimony of the transforming power of the Gospel – as every Christian is.

She also weaves lessons and wisdom throughout the book – meant for the modern church.

I would recommend this to almost any Christian looking for encouragement and help in navigating graciously through the contemporary issues related to same sex attraction.

I would like to thank Lifeway for giving me a copy of this book to read, review and apply to my current ministry.


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