Book Review: Spiritual Gifts by Thomas R. Schreiner

See the source imageBook Review Score – 10 out of 10

Book Title: Spiritual Gifts: What They Are & Why They Matter by Thomas R. Schreiner (published by B&H Publishing Group, 2018)

The way this book begins and ends may be the most encouraging feature.

The author begins by dedicating this book to 3 men that he disagrees with on the nature and usage of miraculous gifts: John Piper, Sam Storms, and Wayne Grudem. By calling them “coworkers in the Gospel of Christ”, the author helps the reader understand that the issue of miraculous gifts is not of primary importance, and I appreciate his grace and humility in treating such a subject.

Also, the authors ending was “cut from the same cloth” as he reminds his readers of the subject of I Corinthians 13 and how it applies to debates about the miraculous gifts. He reminds us that love is the most important gift given to the church and even uses this helpful paraphrase, “If I have the right view of spiritual gifts, but I don’t have love, then I am nothing.”

The view the author takes – Cessationism – is my view, but that is not why I loved this book.

While Schreiner and I agree on why Cessationism is a preferred view about miraculous gifts, the strengths of this book lie primarily in the clarity of his arguments. Many books that debate miraculous gifts can get a little “heady” at times. Not this one. I have not read a book on such a book that is simpler and clearer than this one. Even John MacArthur, who is rigidly clear in his writings, isn’t as clear as Schreiner.

I would gladly put this book in the hands of any Christian – no matter the level of spiritual maturity. It is that transferrable!

I would like to thank B&H Publishing Group for giving me a copy of this book to read, review and apply to my current ministry.


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