Q/A Friday: How Can We Know the Flood Was Universal?

Remember that God cannot clear the guilty (Exodus 34:7). Genesis 8:21 tells us every inclination of the heart of man was evil, which is one of our earliest proofs of total depravity. Thus, God decided he would judge every righteous man in a judgment of water.

God flooded the entire earth. This flood would be a universal flood. There are times when those who discount the miraculous in Scripture say the flood was only local, but here is evidence of universal flooding in archaeology and geology and in the inerrant Word itself.

  • If the flood was local, why build such a large ark? Most agree that the ark was the size of a modern cruise ship. And why would such a large ship even be necessary of the flood was local. It seems like God could have just told Noah, “Travel 100 miles from here and you will be saved from the flood.”
  • The judgment was for world-wide sin; thus, a world-wide flood was necessary. In Genesis 6:7 and 7:18-24, God said He would destroy the entire human race for their wickedness.
  • Genesis 7:19 speaks of the waters rising to the tops of the mountains over the whole earth. Mt. Ararat – the closest mountain – was about 17,000 feet. If it reached the peak of this mountain, it had to be this high worldwide.
  • Why else would God need 150 days (Genesis 7:24) for the water to recede from the earth if it was only a local flood?
  • Why else would God promise not to flood the earth again (Genesis 9:15) if He only meant a local flood? That would seem like an odd promise to make.

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