Battling Sexual Sin


Our culture thinks of sexual sin as a playground to act out your deepest fantasies. The Scripture says that our sexuality is a battleground (Matthew 5:27-30; II Timothy 2:22). And because of the serious nature of sexual sin, the Scripture is not silent, nor does it rarely speak of sexual sin. Almost every book in the Bible seems to have instruction and counsel on how to be pure in an impure world.

One of the most qualified men to talk about sexual sin was Solomon, who had 1,000 wives and concubines (I Kings 11:3). Many of his marriage were political or physical in nature, and concubines in the Ancient Near East were often prostitutes “on call” to do their master’s bidding.

Thus, in Proverbs 5, Solomon, who was well acquainted with the battle to remain pure gives a series of strategies that allow us to combat the temptation towards sexual sin, and they are as follows:

Image result for drink water from your own cisternFirst, commit yourself to seek the wise counsel of others (vs. 1-2). The one who ignores the Word of God and the godly counsel of others is committing himself to spiritual suicide when it comes to morality. Where will that moral compass come from without the Word? Who will he listen to if God or his spiritual fathers or mothers are not speaking to him? He is left to listen to himself and his sexual temptations.

Second, be aware that sexual sin has a deceiving component (vs. 3-6). Sexual sin will convince you it’s not that big of a deal or everyone is doing it or God will forgive you or you won’t get caught. Pleasure is promised, but instead you will get pain. Fulfillment is guaranteed, but instead you will get folly.

Third, stay as far away from sexual temptations (vs. 7-8). This is what some call the Joseph principle (Genesis 39) who when seduced to sleep with Potiphar’s wife ran as fast as he could. He literally fled sexual immortality (I Corinthians 6:18). If you are most tempted when you are alone, be around people often. If you are most tempted when you are on your computer late at night, be on your computer only when others are around. If you are most tempted when you are around certain individuals, find new friends.

Fourth, consider the consequences of sexual sin (vs. 9-14). Sin always affects others (Psalm 51). What will you give up by giving into that sexual temptation? How will your reputation change? How will you explain it to your children or your spouse? Whose lives will be ruined in the wake of your sexual sin? Is that hour of pleasure worth a lifetime of regret?

Fifth, if you are married, enjoy your spouse (vs. 15-19). When you are tempted to sexually sin, run to your spouse. Tell your spouse why you desire them (Song of Solomon 7). Be satisfied with the spouse God gave you to enjoy sexually. As some have said, the best fight against sexual sin is marital satisfaction. Love your spouse with your body.

Sixth, and finally, remind yourself that God is always watching (vs. 20-23). God is omniscient. He is not passive in His observation of our activities. He is very aware of every thought, word, and deed (Psalm 139). There is no such thing as a secret, sexual sin.

Battle – don’t tease – your heart with sexual temptation.

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