Should We Be Surprised About the Sexual Misconduct in Hollywood?

The attention that movements like #MeToo and the allegations of sexual misconduct against celebrities like Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, and Louis C.K. is not surprising when you consider this truth: Hollywood has been normalizing sexual promiscuity and misconduct for decades.

I was born in 1977 and, unfortunately, can remember movie scenes and television scenes of couples sleeping in a bed together who were not married to one another. With no commentary and no shame, the couple would converse and share this intimate event without any apology. To them, and to Hollywood at large, this was/is considered normal behavior.

And, this normalization of promiscuity goes back even further into Hollywood history.

In 2018, it is much worse. What used to be edited from TV shows is now a major focus of the plot. What used to be rated R is now rated PG-13 and even PG at times.

When you normalize sin, you get celebrities that think they can act and behave in whatever deviant way they want, which is why countless men in Hollywood are being accused of sexual misconduct. These men were under the impression that this kind of behavior is normal.

In some ways, they are accurate. This kind of behavior IS normal when you are without the saving power of the Gospel in your life. Sexual misconduct is normal, fleshly, unredeemed behavior.

Lady Gaga’s now famous song “I Was Born This Way,” is partially true. Everyone is born a sinner set on fighting against God and His holy expectations of us (Romans 5:10). Without the Holy Spirit dwelling in us, we all will act out in unrestrained sinful ways against our fellow man (John 16:7-11).

The only hope for our world to be free of the sexual misconduct of the Weinstein’s and Spacey’s is the transforming power of the Gospel, which promises deliverance from unchecked and unbridled sin (Romans 5:17).

When you hear another news story about another celebrity accused of another form of sexual misconduct, do 4 things: lament (James 4:9), pray (I Thessalonians 5:17), warn your own heart of these temptations (Mark 14:38), and find a friend who needs to hear about the deliverance of God’s Gospel and beg them to accept it.

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