Help! I Get Distracted!

Imagine the following scenario.

It is Sunday morning and you are in the worship service. The music team begins leading the congregation in John’s Newton’s hymn “Amazing Grace.” You are immediately moved by the depth of God’s gracious provision(s) for you. As you continue singing the word “amazing”, you express gratefulness in your heart towards God for His care for you. You are so thankful for God’s salvation of you.

You feel led to look up as if you are looking to God in heaven.

But not too often after you look up, instead of seeing God, you see a light bulb that has burned out and needs to be replaced. It becomes a distraction.

As you process what you have seen, you recall that light bulb was out a few weeks ago. You think, “I wonder who is going to change that light bulb. Don’t people around here know that light bulb is burned out or am I the only one who sees it?”

As you look and think about this light bulb that needs to be replaced, you remember there are light bulbs in your own home that are out. And come to think of it, they have been out for a few weeks now.

As you think about this predicament, you quickly acknowledge that changing light bulbs in your house is not really “your job.” Usually your spouse or teenager does that. But no one has clearly changed your own burned out light bulbs yet, and that gets your frustrated.

Your frustration leads to disappointment and you think, “You know – that’s not the only thing that bothers me about my family. Here is a whole other list of things undone or undealt with in their life.”

And that leads you to think, “If I keep overlooking this stuff and pretending it never happens, they will never learn. I am going to stop being so forgiving and start nagging them about it.”

See where we have gone in just a matter of a few minutes!

We have gone from singing “Amazing Grace” to now having a mindset that does not reflect that grace to others in our own home by being resentful and unforgiving.

Distraction is a power weapon of the Evil One. He loves for us to move from worship to anything else.

This time of year is a season of distractions. There are so many competitors for our time and mind. When you get wrongly distracted by something, it can often reveal to you what is REALLY important to you. In the above-mentioned scenario, fault-finding becomes dominate over worship because fault-finding is the person’s REAL heart issue.

What can we do about distractions?

We can guard your heart (Proverbs 4:23), because the mouth will speak from it (Matthew 12:34). We can also ask the Lord to be Mary when we are tempted to be Martha and help deliver us from distractions like these (Luke 10:39-42). We can also memorize and mediate on Ephesians 5:16.

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