Q/A Friday: Should a Christian Use Hypnotism?

Hypnosis is when someone’s mind is induced to a state of consciousness where a person supposedly loses any power of voluntary actions and is, thus, responsive to suggestions or directions given by others. It comes from the Greek term hypnos, which means “sleep”; it literally is translated “to put to sleep” in ancient Greek literature. The use of hypnosis was not popularized until the late 18th century.

For the Christian, the use of hypnosis – no matter what the reason may be – is not a wise choice.

#1 – We are never to give over our mind or bodies to the control of someone or something else. When it comes to our mind and body, there are two options for who controls us – God or sin (Romans 6:16-23). The individual who choose to be hypnotized is willingly giving their mind over for control to someone else – not God.

#2 – Usually one who is hypnotized is looking for a solution to a dilemma, and it is the aim of the hypnotist to help them discover that solution within themselves. The problem? Solutions to our problems are not found from within but from without. Our turning for help should always be the Lord Jesus Christ who already endured hardships like us (Hebrews 12:2). Paul said in Romans 7:18 that nothing good dwells naturally within him. Only the Lord can give us the needed direction and guidance and we do not find Him by emptying our minds and giving another person control over it.

#3 – Hypnosis a means by which we let our guards down, and the Bible teaches us to guard ourselves (Proverbs 4:23). When we choose hypnosis, we are vulnerable and susceptible to evil attacks.

#4 – Hypnosis is an enemy of self-control. Self-control implies that we have mastered our own bodies and not that we have given control to another (Galatians 5:22-23).

While there is no direct “do not participate in hypnosis” in Scripture, it is unwise to choose this method for any reason. It is recommended that one struggling with hypnosis seek a biblical counselor for assistance in addressing whatever concerns them.

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