Resources for Reading on the Reformation

This fall during the month of October and early November, I will be preaching a series on the “5 Solas of the Reformation.” As some of you may know, October 31 will be the 500-year anniversary of when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany. These 95 Theses were a protest against the corruption of the Gospel and the selling of indulgences that was being propagated by the Roman Catholic Church.

As I have begun my own study in preparation for this preaching series, I wanted to direct you to some resources that you might find helpful if you are looking to educate yourself further on the significance of the Reformation.

Resources on Martin Luther

  • Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther by Ronald H. Bainton. For many years this has been the “go-to” book for a biography of Martin Luther. I have read the book at least 5x in my life and have always gleaned more appreciation for this Augustinian monk who God used to turn the church inside-out. If there is only one book to read about Luther or the Reformation, it is this one.
  • The Legacy of Luther edited by R.C. Sproul and Stephen J. Nichols. While I have not read this book, I have seen it recommended over and over again by many people I respect and trust. Of all the books I will be reading to prepare to preach this series, I am looking forward to this one the most.
  • The Heroic Boldness of Martin Luther by Steven J. Lawson. I have not read this book yet, but the other biographies I have read from Lawson (e.g., William Tyndale and John Calvin) were very stirring. I expect this one to be as good, if not better than the others.
  • Katharina and Martin Luther: The Radical Marriage of a Runaway Nun and a Renegade Monk by Michelle DeRusha. The focus of this resource is on the union of Martin and Katharina. You will laugh, cry, and scratch your head at these two opposites that God brought together.


  • Theology of the Reformers by Timothy George. I purchased this book for a class in college that I took on the Reformation era. In it, you will find quick bios of Martin Luther, Huldrych Zwingli, John Calvin, and Menno Simons. You will also get a good overview of their doctrinal emphasis and the need for theological reform during the 16th century.

5 Solas

  • The Five Solas Series pack, edited by Thomas Schreiner. There are 5 books in this series, 1 for each sola: Christ Alone by Stephen Wellum, Faith Alone by Thomas Schreiner, God’s Glory Alone by David VanDrunen, God’s Word Alone by Matthew Barrett, and Grace Alone by Carl Trueman.
  • Why We Are Protestant: An Introduction to the Five Solas of the Reformation by Nate Pickowicz. I know the young man who designed this cover and he said, “Buy this book.” So, I did! Haven’t read it just yet!
  • The Courage to Be Protestant: Reformation Faith in Today’s World by David F. Wells. Looking forward to reading again from one of the most important thinkers of our day.
  • Echoes of the Reformation. This is a DVD set (6 lessons) hosted by Trevin Wax, as he interviews both Kevin DeYoung and R. Albert Mohler Jr. This resource is mostly helpful for those looking for help on the implications of the Reformation and the 5 solas and why they still matter today. There is a study guide edited by Brandon D. Smith that accompanies this DVD set.



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