It’s a Joy To Be a Dad

“Grandchildren are the crown of the aged, and the glory of children is their fathers.(Prov 17:6)

We just returned from a family road trip to CA, where we drove around a total of 3,000 miles in a rented mini-van. Our 3 boys have never been on a road trip of this length, and we were uncertain how they might respond to the challenge of being in a vehicle for an extended period of time, with stretches of less-than-exciting scenery.

But they did just fine. We were equipped with road trip games, snacks, books, movies, frequent stops, etc.

One of my takeaways from spending an extended period of time with my children is how rich of a blessing they truly are. Sure, there are bad attitudes at times, or mean comments between them or petty arguments or or inconsistent obedience, but the joy of being able to share a life with a child is incomparable.

What I will remember the last few weeks with my kids is not the grumpy expressions standing in a long line at Disneyland but the expression of delight my youngest (Ethan) had when he rode his 1st wave on a boogie board in the Pacific Ocean. I will remember my middle son’s (Josiah) enjoyment of ride after ride, as he ran off the rides at Disneyland or Universal Studios pumping his fist in the air wanting to do it again. I will remember my oldest son’s (Jackson) one-liners at random times that kept us entertained.

Children add a level of joy to your life that only God can be credited for. Thank you, God, for kids. And thank you for my 3 boys. I am truly honored to be a Dad.

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