Charles Spurgeon, On Why We Must Remain Humble

Image result for charles spurgeon“We are nothings and nobodies, but that we think otherwise is very evident, for as soon as we are put on the shelf we begin anxiously to enquire, ‘How will the work go on without me?’ The fly on the coach wheel may just as well enquire, ‘How will the mails be carried without me?’ Far better men have been laid in the grave without the Lord’s work having been brought to a standstill, and shall we fume and fret because for a short season we must lie upon the bed of languishing? If we were laid aside only when it was obvious that our services could be spared, then there would be no jolt to our pride, but to weaken our strength at the precise moment when our presence seems most needed is the surest way to teach us that we are not essential to God’s work, and even when we are most needed he can easily do without us…for surely it is desirable beyond all things that self should be kept low and the Lord alone magnified.”



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