Above All

God is above all nations and His glory is above all the heavens (Psalm 113:4). How is God above? In the following ways:

  • He is physically above all. You cannot travel to a location that is physically beyond God. There is nowhere His glory is not present. No church or Temple or universe can even contain Him (II Chronicles 6:18).
  • He is universally above all. There is nothing in the universe that shares authority with Him, because He created all and everything belongs to Him.
  • He is theologically above all. He is Lord. He is supreme. His Word is the only and final Word. There is nothing that trumps His will.
  • He is incomparably above all. Because He is transcendent, there is nothing that we can liken to Him. He is so above all things that there is nothing even on the same plane as Him.
  • He is nationally above all. He rules every nation and people group and tribe and tongue. Countries may have Presidents or Prime Ministers or Dictators, but they are all #2 in charge under God Himself.

And we could go on and on with a list of how He is above all, couldn’t we? The point is that no one or no thing is higher or will ever get higher than Him. What a clearly obvious reason to praise God!

There are too many alive today who view God – at best – as AN authority in their life and not THE supreme. Too many people think their time is equal to God’s time; too many people think their agenda is equal to God’s agenda. Too many people think their goals or priorities are equal to God’s goals or priorities. The only agenda I should have is God’s agenda.

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