When A Sinner Is Saved

We have two black cats – Luke and Leia. By and large, our cats are calm, social, and low-maintenance.

Well, there is one exception to the calmness: when they are ready to eat and we are not ready to feed them. When Luke and Leia think that meal time has come, they will let you know it. Their incessant meowing and whatever else you call that noise will not cease until food has been placed in their bowls. You cannot calm or silence them in any other way until you feed them.

Image result for nineveh revivalNow imagine for a moment what the city of Nineveh was like after the ¾ of a million people responded in salvation to Jonah’s message and the ruler of the city proclaimed a city-wide for the people…and the animals (Jonah 3:6-8)!

The animals would have no idea why they weren’t being fed. And when they got hungry, they would let you know.

Imagine walking through the city of Nineveh and hearing the meows, moos, barks and tweets (that’s birds, not Twitter) of every animal who was being deprived of food. What a loud event this must have been!

The ruler of Nineveh wanted everyone in the city – from the noblest king to the lowest animal – to properly place themselves under the merciful and gracious God. He wanted every creature you saw in the city to have a visible reminder of the great work of God in salvation.

When God intervenes in our faith for salvation, we ought to shout it from the rooftops. If the angels in heaven are throwing their own party (Luke 15:10), shouldn’t we find a way to display the riches of God’s grace that have been shown to even one sinner?

I am praying for such an opportunity in my life.

In my sphere of influence, I want to see someone come to Christ. I want to rejoice with them; I want to celebrate their deliverance from darkness into light.

Maybe I will even celebrate my proclaiming a household fast and keep those cats meowing for a while.




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