The 3 Moms In My Life

In Proverbs 31:10, the writer (maybe Solomon?), asked, “Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies.” These kinds of women are rare. You won’t find them in every home or church building. The writer, if it was Solomon, had about 1,000 women in his palace (300 concubines and 700 wives) and he didn’t see the virtues of a godly woman often.

So, it makes sense that when you find such a woman, that you honor her. This isn’t just a Mother’s Day kind of thing, but it’s a Proverbs 31:28, 31 kind of thing – “Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her…A women who fears the LORD, she shall be praised.”

In the spirit of those verses, I want to give honor to the three mothers in my life. I can answer the question of Proverbs 31:10 because there are women of great virtue in my life.

First, there is my mother, Susan Heck. My mom possesses the faith of anyone listed in Hebrews 11 and the energy of the Apostle Paul. She is either on the move to disciple someone or in her home pouring herself into memorizing or studying God’s word. She is not idle. In fact, we joke about the turntables you put in a kitchen table called the “lazy Susan,” because that is most certainly not my mom. She continually shows us kids and grandkids commitment to God’s Word, love for mentoring others, and a dedication to dispensing wisdom when God allows, and I love her for it.

Second, there is my mother-in-law Kathy Greene. When I married Annie, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when it came to joining Annie’s family. I knew her mother a bit, but not near as much as I do now. What Kathy possesses that is rare in other women I see is discernment. She can process conversations, news reports, passages in books she is reading, and immediately get to the heart of the issue. Perhaps, that is why she is such an effective and often-sought-after biblical counselor. She loves helping people solve their problems and has deep empathy for people in her life, and I love her for it.

Third, there is my own wife Annie (short for Andrea). I get to see her “up close and personal” every day as she mothers our 3 boys. And it blows me away with the kind of intentionality she has with our kids that I have never seen in anyone else. She shepherds them in the way that Psalm 23 describes. In fact, I have often thought that if God allowed women to be pastors (and that’s another subject for another time), that Annie would be a far better pastor in the church than me, because she has a natural bent towards taking people where they need to go and inspiring people to love God and His Word, and I love her for it.

I am blessed with these 3 women. I have found the virtuous woman…threefold.

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