Webb Simpson’s Interview Before The Masters

I am often edified when I read articles about Christians who are professional athletes by vocation. Often when I discover an athlete that I didn’t know professed Christ, I will pray for them by name and the team or sport they represent (which is their mission field).

Webb Simpson, who is a golfer on the PGA, has one of the more solid understandings of Scripture than any other athlete I have read.

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Recently, he was interviewed by Sean Martin of The Gospel Coalition right before golf’s first major – The Masters.

He was asked his vocation as a golfer and how that influences terms like “gifting” and “calling.” He answered it this way –

“I don’t see my gifting as unique. My gift happens to be golf, but another guy’s might be preaching and another’s teaching. The Lord spreads us out for his purposes and for our enjoyment of him. My calling isn’t to be a golfer. Like every other Christian, I’m called to participate in the Great Commission—to go and make disciples of all nations. My vocational context for fulfilling that calling happens to be golf.

“I wasn’t born to be a golfer. I was born to be a child of God. There’s a big difference in perspective when I start with that. Focusing on being a child of God, beloved by the King, makes me more focused on being effective where I am.

“I may have a bigger audience than someone else, but some of the most effective, faithful men I know are in a small area in terms of reach. They’re discipling a couple of guys, doing a great job in their home, and being faithful where they are. I think a danger for me and other people in my position is if we’re trying to reach a ton of people and rejecting the Great Commission of making disciples of a few.”

Read the rest of this interview here.

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