If Christ Is Not Raised (Part 3)

If Christ is not raised, our faith has no substance – “And if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain” (I Corinthians 10:14).

Paul says that everything you profess would be without any meaningful content; it would be nothing and empty. If you take out the resurrection, there would be nothing left. If you empty your preaching of the resurrection, you empty your preaching. There is no Gospel to proclaim without the resurrection. If you proclaim the Gospel and don’t refer to the resurrection, your Gospel is incomplete. And if you don’t proclaim the resurrection because it didn’t happen, then you might as well not open your mouth at all. If the resurrection didn’t occur, Charles Hodge says, “the whole gospel is subverted” (I Corinthians, pg. 278).

John MacArthur says the hall of faith (Heb 11) would be a hall of shame – a chapter about foolish men whose faith was pointless. (I Corinthians, pg. 411).

Having a “vain faith” would destroy us. We like to have people we can trust and depend on. But if the resurrection didn’t occur, you couldn’t trust hardly anything else God says. He may get it right every now and then, but not always.

As a teaching pastor, without Jesus’ resurrection, I would be “out of the job.” You might as well stop attending that small group at your church, cease to be involved in that mid-week Bible study, stop attending church all together and watch some more television.

You might as well indulge every pleasure because there would be no consequences.

And don’t give any money way; it’s yours. Spend it at will! That would be a “vain faith” and that would be our experience if Christ never rose from the dead.


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