Hating Evil, Loving Good

You who love the LORD, hate evil! He preserves the souls of His saints; He delivers them out of the hand of the wicked.” (Psalm 97:10).

Do you love what God loves and hate what God hates? If you love God, you must hate evil. Albert Barnes echoes this truth when he writes, “There is nothing more clearly affirmed in the Scriptures than that in order to the love of God there must be the hatred of all that is wrong, and that where there is the love of sin in the heart, there can be no true religion.”[1]

How do you know if you hate evil? How do you know if your hatred of sin is the level it should be? May I suggest four tests to determine your relationship to evil?

  1. Do you hate all kinds of sins? In other words, are there some sins you can put up with but other sins you can’t tolerate? (e.g., like someone who can’t watch a movie with their friends if it contains nudity but has no problem viewing pornography on the internet when they are all alone). If you don’t hate all kinds of sins, you aren’t like God. You love evil.
  2. Do you allow sin to gain ground in your life? In other words, sin(s) should be losing the battle in your soul and not planting seeds. Are you progressing in your battles or are you allowing them to progress over you? If you are giving up to sin’s attack in of your life, you love evil more than you do holiness.
  3. Do you attack sin every chance you get? In other words, when there is a fleshly temptation invading your life, do you attack it with the full body of spiritual armor? Do you go on the offensive? Sin is always on the offensive and the way we fight it is not to passively wait around for it to attack. If you wait for sin to attack you and give in to it, you love evil.
  4. Do you get upset with someone when they point out your obvious sin? In other words, do you sin when someone says you have already sinned? If you sinfully respond to someone loving you enough to rebuke your sin, you love sin more than correction.

The godly man hates all evil and loves what God loves. Godly people don’t love that (or sin) which sent Jesus to the cross.

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[1] Barnes Notes, pg. 48.


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