1. Why the Church Doesn’t Need Any More Coffee Bars” by Kimberli Lira. Easily, my favorite blog post of 2017.
  2. When Should Christians Use Satire” by John Piper (Desiring God).
  3. The Benedict Option: What Is It?” by Wyatt Graham (Cripplegate). After reading this description of the book, I want to read it.
  4. Southern Baptists Extend Olive Branch to Russell Moore” by Evan Wilt (World). If you haven’t been able to keep up with the controversy surrounding Russell Moore and the SBC, this article will help.
  5. Why Pastors Should Work Hard to Write Well” by Kevin DeYoung (The Gospel Coalition). While I don’t consider myself a natural writer, these insights from this blog are helpful.
  6. 5 Ways to Pray for Your Pastor on Fridays” by Jason Worsley (Right Side Up). One of my favorite people and pastors has just launched a blog. You will be blessed to read it regularly.
  7. If I Were a College President, I Would Require Every Incoming Freshman To Read This Book and Pass a Test On It Before Taking Other Courses” by Justin Taylor (The Gospel Coalition). I greatly appreciate the value of Adler’s book on how to read and believe there would be great value in adding this as required reading – no matter the institution.