Q/A Friday: Why Should We Study Hell?

First, we should study hell because Jesus talked about it often. There are approximately 1500+ verses that are recorded in the Gospels coming from Jesus’ lips where He is formally teaching on a subject. The other 300-400 verses that record His sayings are just declarative statements of His movements, greetings. Thus, about 8% of His preaching was on hell and impending judgment. If you think that is a small percentage, you will find that He speaks more about hell than our relationship to the Bible, how we worship, and sexual purity. Jesus is not silent about hell and no other author in Scripture even comes close to speaking about it as often. Why does Jesus speak about hell so often? Because He is the Savior of the world. He wants people to know what He is saving them from. Jesus speaks in greater detail and frequency about hell, because He is sending people there. No one speaks with more authority about hell than Jesus, and as His spokesmen we cannot be silent either.

Second, we should study hell because it magnifies heaven. What makes hell awful is how wonderful heaven is; what makes heaven incredible is how terrible hell is. They contrast one another in extremes, and thus, magnify one another as well. Heaven and hell are polar opposite and one magnifies the other. We want to get and feel the full brunt of hell and get a whiff and a full taste of heaven. One magnifies the other.

Third, we should study hell because it deepens our appreciation of the Savior’s sufferings on the Cross The cross was the center of God’s wrath on earth. And that description of Jesus on the cross is what hell is also like. When you see the terribleness of hell, you can have a better understanding of sympathy for the sufferings of Jesus on the cross. God’s wrath is seen in it’s extremeness at the cross and will be endured for eternity in hell. On the cross, Jesus endured the wrath of God poured out on Him for every sin of every human ever committed past, present and future. In hell, those that reject him won’t experience salvation paid for on the cross.

Fourth, we should study hell because it encourages us to proclaim the Gospel with regularity. There is no more urgent task than the proclamation of the Gospel. If you had an endless supply of a guaranteed cure for cancer in your home, would you not spend every waking minute administering it to cancer patients in local hospitals or in your family? You would do everything you could so save people with the very remedy they need. Man’s central need is for Jesus’ redemption from sin. And we know exactly what it takes to understand and embrace that. To not warn people about danger is unloving.


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