Book Review Blurb: On Pastoring by H.B. Charles Jr.

Book Ranking – 10 out of 10

Book Title: On Pastoring: A Short Guide to Living, Leading, and Ministering as a Pastor, by H.B. Charles Jr. (published by Moody Publishers, 2016)

I am so thankful to be introduced to this pastor. I discovered him watching a series of Gospel Coalition videos just a few months ago. His practical wisdom gained from ministering for over decades is of great value. When the Lord calls you to being pastoring around the age of eighteen, that can be either stroke your ego or humble you. For Charles, it humbled him and we are the better for it as readers.

This book is filled with lessons he has learned in the ministry and anything he doesn’t write a chapter about is included in a bullet-point list in Chapter 30. The author writes on subjects like pastoral performance, your calling, legacy, prominence, convictions, effectiveness, leadership development, change, planning, conflict, ministry transition, expository preaching, sermon prep, counseling, meetings, etc.

You will enjoy his brief, straight-forward nuggets of biblical wisdom whether you are a pastor looking for a resource for inspiration or a member of a congregation wanting to learn more about the pastoral ministry and how to pray and encourage your pastor.

In 2017, so far, this goes to the top of my list of books I am most thankful to have read. And I believe it will be a book I am come back to repeatedly.


I would like to thank Moody Publishers for giving me a copy of this book to read, review and apply to my current ministry.



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