Book Review Blurb: Preaching Old Testament Narratives

Book Ranking – 8 out of 10

Book Title: Preaching Old Testament Narratives, by Benjamin H. Walton (published by Kregel Publications, 2016)

This was the 1st book I have read on preaching a specific type of Bible genre. I had classes in college and seminary on preaching different genres, but never spent as much time (254 pages) dealing with preaching a specific genre – in this case, O.T. narrative.

Generally, I found this book to be a helpful resource and I will refer back to it the next time I am preaching narrative in the Scriptures. Many of the instructions are applicable to all forms of preaching – regardless of the genre. For example, his chapters on delivering the actual sermon (Chs. 4-13) could be used as a basic outline for any preaching class.

Probably the most helpful section is the 2nd chapter entitled “OT Narratives: From Text-Selection to Take-Home Truth.” It is in this section that Walton discusses how to uncover the main theological message of a narrative and how much narrative to preach in your sermons.

My biggest critique is regarding the overuse of acronyms. Acronyms were used throughout the book to refer to different principles in preaching. And often you might read three or four acronyms in a sentence and forget what they stand. I didn’t count, but it seems like twenty or so acronyms are used throughout the book – used hundreds of times.

A suggestion I would have is to have an appendix in the back of the book listing the acronyms, what they stand for, and their meaning. Or even at the beginning or end of every chapter. Often, it is difficult to locate to the first use of the acronym – when it was introduced and explained – and remind yourself what it stands for.

If you are an aspiring or seasoned preacher, you will find this book to be helpful.

I would like to thank Kregel Publications for giving me a copy of this book to read, review and apply to my current ministry.




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