The Most Read Blog Posts of 2016

It’s always interesting to look back on this blog and see which posts are being read and re-read the most. In 2016, here are the Top 10 most read blog posts on Worldly Saints.

  1. Poor Hermeneutics Can Be Subtle” – a 2-minute video from Dr. Abner Chou about the poor hermeneutics in some Christian books
  2. Presumption of Innocence: Biblical?” – In America, we assume “innocent until proven guilty,” but is this concept biblical?
  3. A Quick Lesson Regarding the Resignation of Perry Noble” – another reminder to be praying for your church leadership
  4. 8 Excuses We Make for NOT Making Disciples” – In this post, I answer some of the most common objections I have heard from professing Christians about why they do not evangelize.
  5. Taking the Lord’s Name in Vain – Not Just About Cussing” – This commandment is about more than speech; it is about representation.
  6. Is Abortion a Sin?” – Here, I give 6 biblical reasons why I am a pro-lifer.
  7. 4 Truths to Consider Tomorrow (and the rest of your life)” – my one and only political post about the Presidential election
  8. Should Christian Men Read Books by Christian Women?” – a controversial question submitted by one of my blog readers
  9. Has Sports Become an Idol? 9 Questions to Determine That Reality” – more for my soul than any reader
  10. The End of Faith in the Beginning of Anxiety” – a meditation on Psalm 94




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