Has Sports Become an Idol? 9 Questions to Determine That Reality

  1. When you watch sports, are Christlike regardless of the outcome? (I John 2:6).
  2. When your mind has nothing else to think about, does it gravitate towards athletics? (Phil 4:7-8).
  3. Do you “break fellowship” with others who don’t cheer for your sports team? (I Cor 1:10).
  4. Do you choose to watch or attend sporting events on a regular basis instead of assembling with believers? (Heb 10:24-25).
  5. Do you identify or define yourself as a fan of a sports team or do you feel you are valuable because you are a fan of a sports team? (I Pet 2:9).
  6. Do you observe or watch sports at the expense of leaving important tasks unfinished? (Col 3:23-24).
  7. When your team loses, do you forget that sports is a gracious gift from God? (Ps 145:9).
  8. Are your emotions uncontrollable during sporting events or activities? (Prov 25:28).
  9. Are your heroes for life non-Christian athletes? (I Cor 11:1).




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