The King’s Business

Glen Kenecht, the former minister of First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina, was approached to contribute a sermon to a book which was a collection of sermons and it was given the title, this collection of sermons, “If I Only Had One Sermon To Preach.”

And the editor of this volume, a famous preacher said, “Dr. Kenecht, would you give the sermon that you would preach if it were going to be your last sermon?”  And if you look at this collection by the way, you will see that these preachers clearly pulled out the best sermons that they had ever preached, including him.  Glen Kenecht, however, pulled out his next Sunday’s sermon.  He discussed this and prayed over it and talked with his staff and he said “Well, I guess if that’s the sermon that I’m going to preach the next Lord’s Day, it better be the last sermon that I’m willing to preach if I’m going to die.  It was his sermon on tithing that year.  You know, all these glorious sermons on the finished work of Christ and the second coming and the virgin birth, and here’s his sermon on stewardship.  But what consistency.  I guess if that’s the sermon I’m going to preach next Sunday, that better be the sermon I’m prepared to preach if it’s the last sermon of my life.”

In other words, he said, “I will just do the next thing.”

That is my mindset this morning after the surprising results of yesterday’s selection. I am ready to just do the next thing.

This is where we as believers must be.

Consider the example of Daniel. In Ch. 8 of his book, he is given a vision of the coming Antichrist. Imagine being told about this fierce ruler who is capable of misleading and betraying good men and women. Imagine getting a glimpse of this figures great power and hatred for Israel. Imagine the ego of this man who, like Antiochus Epiphanes, thinks of himself as the ruler of this world.

Would you freak out if you were told this was coming? Daniel didn’t.

We read in Daniel 8:27, “… Then I rose and went about the king’s business. …”

That’s where I want my mindset to continue to be. I want my pursuit of knowing God to be unwavering regardless of who wins a Presidential election. I want my commitment to making disciples to be steadfast regardless of who controls Congress. I want my love for preaching God’s Word to deepen regardless of what justices are issuing decrees.

Let’s get about the King’s business!



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