Mark Jones, Speaking to a Reason for Poor Attendance at Prayer Meetings

“Satan hates private prayer. But I suspect he hates even more corporate prayer. It seems he might be winning many battles in the church today that he has no business winning. One of those is keeping the godly from praying with each other.

alliance-confessing-evangelicals“Life is just a little too easy for us in North America, so the need to pray is not as pressing as it might be for Christians in countries or eras when times were more difficult. It is amazing how much energy is spent posting on Facebook about a certain social crisis, but how little effort is spent praying together about that specific social crisis (e.g., abortion, gay marriage, etc.).

“How sad that God wants to bless us, but we act as though we do not need to be blessed. God and Christ are willing to open the flood-gates of heaven to a praying people, but we must ask or we will not receive.”

Mark Jones, “The Death of Prayer Meetings”


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