A Gospel Lesson from a College Football Game

The OU/Texas Tech football game this weekend was a game to remember, but not necessarily for good reasons. If you haven’t heard or didn’t see the game, the following data will summarize what kind of football contest it was:

  • 1,708 – the most combined yards in a NCAA football game (including all divisions and all levels)
  • 1,383 – the most total yards by two players (OU quarterback Baker Mayfield and Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes)
  • 1,279 – the most combined passing yards in a NCAA game
  • 819 – most total yards by a single player (Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes)
  • 11.2 – average yards per play (an OU record)

I don’t even remember if either team punted. I felt sorry for the scoreboard operator who must have felt like his finger was constantly pushing a score update button. I wondered how many extra calories the “1st down marker” guys got running back and forth as the teams went up and down the field.

The final score was 66-59. If you are a fan of offense, you may have felt like Christmas came early. But if you love defense or just good football, you would have either been bored (as I was), upset at the lack of defense, or embarrassed to call yourself a fan of either team.

In short, the game was a debacle.

The “scoring at will” reminds me of what it’s like to be unable to have victory over sin. I say unable, because the unbeliever may accomplish good things, but he is still in bondage to sin (John 8:34; Rom 7:24; II Tim 2:26). He “sins at will.”

ou-texas-techWatching this football game and expecting each team to score every time it has the ball is a lot like seeing an unbeliever and expecting them to choose to dishonor God. I am not surprised by the immoral behavior of those who aren’t Christians. I am not shocked when someone who doesn’t believe in God supports abortion or the homosexual agenda. Those individuals will not seek to live their lives for the glory of God (I Cor 10:31).

The good news is that no one has to live such a lifestyle. No one must remain in bondage to sin. No one needs to live a life where others expect them to waste is making immoral decisions that displease God. No one has to “sin at will.”

Jesus Christ is the Great Deliverer who cancels the power of sin and death (Rom 8:3-4).

If you are a reader of this blog and choose sin more often than not, it could be that you haven’t acknowledged Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Perhaps you haven’t repented of sin, trusted in Christ’s life and death as perfect atoning for your sins, and pledged your life to follow Him.

If you haven’t come to Jesus in this manner, today is the day to end a hopeless, doomed life without Christ. Today is the day of salvation (II Cor 6:2).

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