Book Review Blurb: From Heaven – A 28-Day Advent Devotional

Book Ranking – 8 out of 10

My family (ages 39, 39, 11, 9, and 6) and I try to “do something” for Advent every year. Usually, we design our own way of remembering the events leading up to the birth of Christ. But, in recent months, I have been looking for a devotional book we can read together as a family.

As an A.W. Tozer fan, when I saw this one was available to read, I had to order it.

28 chapters are written in essay-style about a different doctrinal issue. Instead of focusing on the nativity story, Tozer seeks to focus on the theology of Christmas.

from-heavenIn typical Tozer fashion, the author writes about things we have come to know, but does so from a fresh perspective using differing words than we are used to reading.

The randomness of one chapter to the next doesn’t suit well for those families or individuals looking for an overall story or theme. And for that reason, I don’t anticipate us reading it together as a family at this time, but Tozer never claimed he wrote this book to get families together for the purpose of remembering Advent.

I would recommend this book to Christians who are interested in subjects like the incarnation, prophetic fulfillment surrounding the birth of Christ, the Second Coming, redemption, the inclusivity of the Gospel, the sovereignty of God, etc.

I would like to thank Moody Publishers for giving me a copy of this book to read, review and apply to my current ministry.


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