God Has Been Kind to Me

This past week has been one I will not soon forget.

For those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you are already aware of the events that I experienced last week in Indianapolis, IN. While my life would seem to be “getting back to normal” and there are no long-term effects from my injury that took me to an emergency room, there is still much reason to continue to ask, “Why would God orchestrate my week in such a way?”

Let me explain.

indy-airportAs I was exiting the airport terminal in Indianapolis, I was eager to show a little youth (which I guess I don’t have much of any more) by running with one of my nephews, and apparently a combination of my clumsy feet and dress shoes is not the best of combination for such a chase.

The result – a face plant into a metal barrier than gashed my head open.

The gift – 15 stitches in my head and nose.

I am very aware that a lot worse could have happened.

indy-stitchesWhen an event like this happens, and I have had other near-death experiences or traumatic injuries, you should ask, “Why did it happen in such a happen?” Or, “Is God trying to tell me something?”

Answering these questions is not always easy or automatic. In fact, I am “coming up short” in the answer column so far, but I still marvel at God’s kindness and His sweet provision of health for me. And I fully anticipate that one-day God will make it clear what He is trying to tell me.

But God is still kind.

And by the way, God’s kindness is unchanging. He would still have been kind even if I lost an eye or got a concussion or even was paralyzed. God’s kindness does not depend on my perspective of whether He is kind. He is always kind (Ps 145:17; Heb 13:8).

How has He shown His kindness to you?



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