Knowing All About God

god-infographicI am enjoying the book Yawning at Tigers: You Can’t Tame God So Stop Trying by Drew Dyck. The back cover of the book tells us that this book is “a compelling case that what we seek awaits us in the untamed God of Scripture – a God who is mysterious yet powerfully present, dangerous yet accessible. He is a God who beckons us to see him with a fresh, unfiltered gaze. [This book] takes us past domesticated Christianity, into the wilds where God’s raw majesty, love, and power become more real and transformative than we could ever imagine.”

The concern of the author is the small view of God that the modern church seems to ascribe to. Too many churches seek to make god relatable; thus, they “dumb” Him does to being their buddy, friend, genie, etc. Countless modern authors of have sought to attack this growing problem (e.g., Steve Lawson’s Made in Our Image, John Feinberg’s No Other God, D.A. Carson’s The Gagging of God, etc.).

It would seem that a low view of God is more common than a high view of God.

When we speak of a high view of God, we are referring to an all-around, complete view of who Scripture teaches that God is. A high view of God does not leave out His wrath or anger or justice. A low view of God usually centers on God’s love or grace or mercy or forgiveness and doesn’t give a full description of who God is.

But what many people don’t realize is that all of God’s attributes need one another to be better understood. For example, how much more does God’s forgiveness “make sense” when you understand His promise to judge sin and His solution of showing His forgiveness by judging His Son on the cross in our place. You see, if you understand God’s hatred of sin, His unwilling to accept anything else but a perfect sacrifice, then His forgiveness is all the more shocking.

So what attributes of God must be understanding? Well … all of them! Every characteristic and description of God in the Bible is important. None of them should be cast aside at the expense of another. To know God, you must know all about God.

You want a good place to start? Here are a few books I would commend to you (outside of the Bible) that will introduce you to who God is and how you should view Him (in order of # of pages):

  • John Calvin – Institutes of the Christian Religion (2 volumes)
  • Stephen Charnock – The Existence and Attributes of God (1,152 pages)
  • John Feinberg – No One Like Him (880 pages)
  • J.I. Packer – Knowing God (256 pages)
  • A.W. Pink – The Attributes of God (133 pages)
  • A.W. Tozer – The Knowledge of the Holy (128 pages)
  • J.B. Phillips – Your God Is Too Small (124 pages)

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