Book Review Blurb: Politics According to the Bible

I am re-reading Wayne Grudem’s Politics According to the Bible: A Comprehensive Resource for Understanding Modern Political Issues in Light of Scripture. I thought since it is a Presidential election year, it would benefit me to get a refresher on a number of issues related to our government. As is typical of Grudem, his addressing of political issues is very thorough.

The subjects Grudem writes on are as follows:

  • Views about Christians and government – It is here that Grudem weighs the pro’s and con’s of the following views of government and religion: “government should compel religion,” “government should exclude religion,” “all government is evil and demonic,” “do evangelism, not politics”, “do politics, not evangelism”, and “significant Christian influence on government.”
  • Biblical principles regarding why government exists and it’s purposes
  • The Supreme Court – I found this to be the most informative chapter, as Grudem explains the undervalued influence the Court has had on legislating morality.
  • Protecting life – Abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment, self-defense, and gun ownership
  • Marriage – How should we define it? Should government be involved in regulating it?
  • Family – Does government have a responsibility to encourage parenting/training children?
  • Economics – Private property, money supply, free market system, poverty, taxes, social security, taxes, health care, recession and depression
  • Environment – Here is Grudem’s conservative position on “climate change.”
  • National defense and foreign policy – Terrorism, peace in the Middle East, just-war, nuclear weapons, missile defense, the CIA, torture, homosexuals in the military, women in combat, promoting freedom and democracy, Israel, and immigration.
  • Freedom of religion
  • Special groups – regulators, earmarks, affirmative action, gender-based quotas, farm subsidies, tariffs, trial lawyers, tort law, NEA, Native Americans, and gambling

If you are interested in politics, you will find this book to be resourceful. If you need to be further educated in politics, this book can assist you as well in giving you a bird’s eye view of how our government works and how a Christian worldview can be of asset when thinking about political issues.

Politics According to Bible


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