1. Christian Colleges, Religious Liberty, and SB 1146” by Nathan Busenitz (The Master’s Seminary). If you need a quick explanation of this controversial bill in CA and why it is no concerning for religious liberty everything, read this article.
  2. The Bold Legacy of Jon Calvin’s Co-pastor” by Yorke Hinds (The Master’s Seminary). Bet you know little or nothing about William Farel, the Associate Pastor alongside of John Calvin. This post will educate you on this wonderful man.
  3. How Much Television Do You Actually Watch? Way Too Much!” By Tim Challies. These recent statistics from Nielsen will blow your mind.
  4. No Normal Sundays: An Interview with Bob Kauflin” by David Mathis (Desiring God). Saturday nights at Desiring God blog, there are usually posts related to corporate worship, and I have found them to be encouraging a good preparation for Sunday worship.