Sports News Blurbs – June 6, 2016

The Monday feature of the Worldly Saints blog focuses on a story from the sports world – current or historic. The goal is one of the following: (1) either to recognize athletes who are using or have used their sports and athletic abilities to further the kingdom of God or (2) to show how some athletes or teams are wasting or did waste their days by not giving God the glory or (3) to simply reflect on a story from the sports world from a Christian perspective.

There are so many possible news events to write or comment about: the death of Muhammed Ali, the continuing controversy and unhealthy culture at Baylor University, my OU Sooners women’s college softball team going to the Finals, or the complete unraveling of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Any of these news stories are worthy of attention and are getting their “due media” on every sports network and online forum. Instead of writing one blog post about these stories, let me give you some blurbs about each one.OU Softball

The OU’s Women’s softball team – They have won 30 games in a row, are ranked #3 in the country, have been undefeated thus far in the double-elimination College World Series, and will face the Auburn Tigers tonight in a best-of-3 series for the National Championship. They are experiencing much of this success due to the contribution(s) of sophomores and freshmen; this, the future is bright for the Lady Sooners. If they win their 3rd National Championship this week, their coach – Patty Gasso – will be 3rd all-time in most National Championship victories. Boomer Sooner!

The Cleveland Cavaliers – This is a good team, but the Golden State Warriors are a great team. When I watch these teams compete, the most notable difference to me is not shooting percentages or rebounding. When adversity strikes, the Warriors seem to come together and feed off adversity. For the Cavs, they become discombobulated and start pointing fingers at one another. Great teams come together in difficult. The Cavs are not a great team! Prediction: Warriors will win the Championship in 5 games.

Baylor University – What a mess! For a school that has a history of influence from the Southern Baptist denomination, it is a tragedy what has been uncovered at this school. W.A. Criswell would not be a “happy camper” if he were alive to today. The mishandling of sexual assaults is just the beginning of a black eye that will be with Baylor for a few years.

Muhammed Ali – All I want to say about this man is that I hope he came to know the Lord Jesus Christ before he died. He was a great boxer and a tremendous influence on the world we live in today. He completely dominated his sport in his generation. But he was a devout Muslim, and as far as I know and have read, he did not believe in the Lord. I am saddened by his death, as we should be for anyone who enters eternity without coming to the Savior Jesus Christ. I pray his death is an invitation to salvation for others.



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