Just In Case You Missed It – April 24-30, 2016

  1. The Joys of Small Groups” by Scott Hollingshead (Cripplegate). I am so thankful that my home church is committed to small group ministry and this blog post captures a few of the reasons why.
  2. Moms, Your Secret Sacrifice Matters” by Shanna Mallon (Desiring God).
  3. Should Christians Cremate Their Loved Ones? A Modest Proposal” by John Piper (Desiring God). This is just one view on the option of cremation, but well thought out. I am not in agreement with his discouraging of cremation, but I do think his exhortation to the church to help pay for those in financial hardship who are cremating because of the lack of funds.
  4. Ode to the Church” by David Gundersen (Raw Chrisitianity). My brother-in-law’s description of the Sunday gathering is beautiful, inspiring, hopeful and truthful.



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