Q/A Friday: What lesson can we learn from Judas?

It is possible to be near Christ, associate with Him, and still become hardened to sin. The church is filled with Judases. It is filled with people who play Christian games, spend time with Christian people, surround themselves with the church and yet continue to be hardened in their hearts with sin.

Silver Pieces

Why is this travesty true? For the same reason Judas fell into sin: he was unwilling to serve God. He wanted to only live a life centered on himself and this is what happens with Judases in the church. They live on the outside as if they are living for Christ but on the inside their heart is only given to themselves. People like Judas are more concerned with what they can get out of this religious life than what they can give.

And where does that type of living lead? It leads to betraying the name of Christ and denying the faith.

The scary thing about this kind of defection is that people often do not know if they are a defector or not. Remember when Christ told the disciples there would be a betrayer among them? Each one of them thought it could be them; they weren’t sure. They didn’t know if they could be a defector or not. To defect from Jesus Christ means to change your loyalty and that is what Judas did. He went from serving Christ to serving Satan. “Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves…” (II Cor 13:5).

Only Christianity can produce a man like this, not paganism.



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