Monty Williams

The Monday feature of the Worldly Saints blog focuses on a story from the sports world – current or historic. The goal is one of the following: (1) either to recognize athletes who are using or have used their sports and athletic abilities to further the kingdom of God or (2) to show how some athletes or teams are wasting or did waste their days by not giving God the glory or (3) to simply reflect on a story from the sports world from a Christian perspective.

Monty Williams, who is an Assistant Coach with the Oklahoma City Thunder and former Head Coach of the New Orleans Pelicans, lost his wife on February 10 in a car crash when another vehicle lost control and hit her car head-on.

The memorial service was held last week, and Monty Williams words have been circulating through the blogosphere. His words are filled with

  1. forgiveness towards the other family who hit his wife’s car
  2. hope because of his wife being in heaven
  3. belief in the promise of Romans 8:28.

What a great example of someone who is not wasting their sports. Watch and be encouraged!

I hope and pray that the impact of his testimony that some in the NBA are dumb-founded with will turn into Gospel-fruit!





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